During the autumn holidays the laser-game is opened every afternoon.
At least 4 people, on booking only !

In the middle of the woods, completely safe

Challenge yourselves in teams with our outdoor laser game located in the heart of the forest of the Adventure Park of Fontdouce. Discover paintball without paint, without projectile and of course without pain! Our guns equipped with red laser (completely harmless) will allow you to reach your target until 150 meters.

The activity has to be booked, accessible from 9 years old, with a minimum of 4 people.

Discover the world of knights

In the 12th century, the Knights Templar are fighting the Knights of the Order of Malta to increase their wealth and to collect treasures. But a treasure has been missing for many years. It is said to be hidden in the woods of Fontdouce and the clues to find it have been hidden along the Fontaine Douce. The two orders have sent their knights to find this treasure as soon as possible, especially before their rival.

Become a knight and find the clues while getting rid of your enemies!

Several scenarios to diversify the fighting

The battle of knights: a race for points to elect the best team.

Seeking the lost treasures: find the lost treasures in order to make your team win.

Pillage of the enemy: steal and bring back the enemy’s flag to win.

The last Crusader(s): alone or with a team, be the first one to get rid of all your enemies.

Fight your own battle: as a team, define your roles in order to be the most efficient and to win as many point as possible.

The submission of the Count of Fontdouce: bring back the Count of Fontdouce and his flag in your own base to have more strength and to win the game.

Organise your own laser game at home and have fun!

You are a campsite, a holiday village or a company? You would like to organise a laser game at home? It is now possible! One of our organiser can come to you in order to organise one or several games on your site, with our equipment.


Individual prices


Teenager from 9 year old and student

1 game of laser game

8 €

8 €

2 game of laser game

15 €

15 €

3 game of laser game

21 €

21 €

1 game of laser game + 1 admission to the treetop adventure park

25 €

23 €

2 game of laser game + 1 admission to the treetop adventure park

31 €

29 €

3 game of laser game + 1 admission to the treetop adventure park

37 €

35 €

1 game of laser game + 1 treasure hunt

13 €

11 €

2 game of laser game + 1 treasure hunt

20 €

18 €

3 game of laser game + 1 treasure hunt

26 €

24 €

We offer reduced rates to groups of 10 and more participants.

Open every day from 10 AM to 8 PM.

Booking online

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Sacha Ellis
Sacha Ellis
08:43 21 Aug 19
Great day out with the kids
Benoit Roger-Machart
Benoit Roger-Machart
08:42 17 Aug 19
Great adventure park in a beautiful and unique environment just in front of a grandiose abbey. My kids absolutely enjoyed the experience and there are many... levels to progress from easy to more challenging. The staff is great, very helpful and friendly. There is also a café within the park, very enjoyable when you have to wait for your kids to finish their activities.Definitively recommend to go!read more
Mark Ellis
Mark Ellis
11:56 03 Aug 19
Fantastic place, easy to understand and the staff are excellent, love it!!
Michelle Cooper
Michelle Cooper
17:47 31 Aug 18
Fantastic fun and excellent value and the staff are lovely.
Katriona Keane
Katriona Keane
00:29 19 Aug 18
Great fun, not tp be missed while in this area
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