COVID special instructions

In the context of the health crisis we are going through, we ask you to respect the following
instructions as soon as you arrive in the park: Do not bring your own gloves into the park, they can carry and spread the virus; if you wish, you will find some at the snack bar sold under vacuum bag.

As soon as you arrive at the park reception, wash your hands with hydro-alcoholic gel (to be
used without water), a dispenser is at your disposal. Then wash your hands after each course with
soap and water (a sink is available behind the snack bar), or at least with hydro-alcoholic gel.

For adults and kids from 11 years old, wearing a mask is compulsory. You have to wear it at the
reception, when our team puts on your harness, when our team explains the instructions of tree
climbing and when you walk into the woods. You are allowed to take off your mask once you start a course.

Remember to handle only your mask after washing your hands.

Cough and sneeze into your elbow. Use a disposable tissue and throw it in the trash immediately.

Keep your distance from other people when walking down the paths of the park.

For the attendants who stay on the ground, on busy days you can avoid the busy alleys by taking advantage of the green spaces in the valley to rest; tables and armchairs are free touse.

Reservations are not required: you can go directly to the front desk of the Parc Aventure de Fontdouce, we will receive you whether you have booked or not!

For information, each harness is sanitized after every use.