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Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers, tickets that can be used at any time during the season!

Give your loved ones a tree climbing entrance to the Adventure Park Fontdouce valid at any time during the 2020 season!

Children, young or adult, everyone can enjoy the gift voucher on the opening hours of the Adventure Park Fontdouce.

The price of the gift voucher is to be chosen according to the age of the wearer at the first day of the season opening of the park (April 4, 2020).

Buy your gift vouchers online!

Cheques presents

Cheques presents

Cheques presents, a sum to be worth on an entrance any time in the course of season!

With the cheque present, you contribute in all or part of the regulations of one or several entries on the Park Adventure of Fontdouce, whatever are chosen activities (accrobranche, laser game, paper chase).

Please your fellows while letting them freedom to choose activity who interest them!

Buy online your cheques presents!

The Annual Pass

The Annual Pass

With the annual pass enjoy the Adventure Park of Fontdouce freely!

An ease of use!

An unlimited number of entries throughout the season!

Priority access during peak periods!

On sale from November 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020.

Some additional information ...

The annual pass is valid between April and November 2020 during the opening periods of the Adventure Park of Fontdouce for tree climbing activities only.

This pass is to exchange for an access card during the first visit to the site. On this occasion, the identity card of the holder of the access card will be requested and a photo ID will be issued to be stuck on the access card. The access card will be kept and presented the following times.

Be careful, the access card to the Adventure Park of Fontdouce is nominative and can not be lent or sold.

It is valid for a calendar year and is only entitled to the tree climbing activity on the official opening hours of the park (except for exceptional closures due to weather or other cases of force majeure); the holder of the access card is subject to the same rules as any other customer of the park and in particular to the respect of the rules of the park.

At each visit, the holder of the access card must be provided with his identity document which may be requested. In case of high attendance, it enjoys priority access to the equipment.

The annual pass rate is to be chosen according to the age of the holder at the first day of the park's opening season (April 4, 2020).

The holder of the annual pass will also be able to receive all the information and invitations to the events organized on the Fontdouce site.

Buy your annual pass online!

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